World is nice…..


It’s raining cats and dogs this morning. I pulled my car at Dunkin Donuts to fetch myself some breakfast. I happily went inside the store, requested the person to toast my bagel with some extra butterJ . However my fun of eating the “extra- toasted” bagel would be short-lived. I sat inside my car only to realize that the car wouldn’t start.

One good thing that I realized about myself is that I tend to smile a lot during the time of crisisJ I know this has annoyed my family a few times J But I guess this quality (Smile) pays off sometimes.

Now back to the problem. Off late, I have been having problems with the battery of my car. It doesn’t start if I keep the headlights turned on and try to switch off the ignition. I am not an automobile- savvy, so I do not know the exact reason that triggers this problem. However, I am assuming that turning on the headlights does drain the battery. The gentleman who serviced my car that engine was fine and needed no replacement.

This is also not what I am trying to say.

And then I got down off the car, took out the jump- start cable. I realized that I now need another car so that I could jump- start my car. And there is this lady who pulled off her car right next to mine. I just looked at her and smiled. She got down from her car and asked if I needed any help. I was like, oh yes!

She was so willing to help me. I was able to start my car back within seconds. I thanked her and said I totally appreciated her help. And here is what she said which got firmly entrenched on my mind, “oh, world is such a better place if people are nice”. And I completely agree with her. I really thank her for her willingness to help.

 And that made me think. Yes, life really is so different when we have very nice people around us. None of us will have any problems if people are nice to us. But then everything cannot be as we want. They say you should never judge a person and form opinions. Sometimes, you tend to judge a person based on his/her actions, gestures.

 I have so many thoughts going- on right now. As always any comments/ perceptions are welcome!!


Happy Ugadi


Ellarigu hosa varshada shubhashayagalu.  Haage elarigu bevu kadimeyaagi bella (sihi) jasti sigali..

Fun for Fun



Raju Raju sat on the wall
Raju Raju had a great fall
Balance sheet died
Shareholders cried
Raju Raju made a fraud

Raju Raju
Yes baba
Cheating us
No baba
Telling Lies
No baba
Open the balance sheet

Happy New Year


Wishing all the readers of my blog a very happy and a prosperous new year.

Those days….


I remember in those days, there was a movie played on every Saturday and Sunday on DD. I used to glue myself to the TV over the weekend. I always had an excuse on these days to study or do my home workJ. Anna, enu ankobedi, if you are reading this🙂

We used to watch every tom, dick, harry movie that was played on TV irrespective of the storyline or the starcast. Sundays typically used to begin with a head bath (oil bath) and then Ramayana serial at 9 am. Simultaneously we used to have our breakfast. And then some other serials (honestly, I have forgotten the names of those serials). I then used to run to pakkad mane (neighbor’s) to play with my friends. Not to mention to play on the road. Then promptly, I used come home on time for lunch. Then dose off for a nap and again get up, play and sit in front of the TV for the movie watch.

I miss so many things about my childhood including,

  • ·Care free life– absolutely no tension whatsoever. I am sure nobody had even heard of the “Stress” then. Even today my mom asks me, “Adenu ashtondu stress stress antya. Nimge ivaga ella facilities ide. Namge enithu. Aadru naav esth kushi aagi idvi”
  • Eating together– no matter what amma anna would always make sure that all of us sat together for lunch/ dinner. And it used to be so fun. There was always something specially cooked on Sundays. When I think back, I never remember seeing my mother frown or fret over anything. I have started respecting my mother even more now. The capability with which she managed the house- hold chores just amazes me. And not even for a single day has she whined/ complained about anything. And till today, she has so much energy, she dresses up every evening, does pooje, makes hoo bathi, gejje vasthra (these are the wicks used to light the lamp in front of god) considering she has really had a hectic day from morning. And now when I draw parallel with what I do after coming back home from work…….. again it just amazes me
  • Excitement over small things
  • Every festival was a real feast for us. Not for once did amma anna miss out on buying us new clothes. Oh!! I really don’t know how to put the feeling in words. I used to try on my new clothes almost 3 times a day (before the festival day) and yap in front of everybody to the core. On a Sankranthi day, I used to literally visit close to 100 houses. I remember last year, I wasn’t ready to go to even one house though my mother insisted several times. Again I cannot help thinking as to the reasons for this change (or should I say indifference…). And though I spend a mini fortune on clothes, the excitement I now have is nowhere even close. I have discussed this with many of my friends and the feeling is more or less the same.
  • I remember the first time anna got a tape recorder home; I didn’t move a inch from that. I used to record all crappy noises/ sounds. I used to make everybody sit and have them listen to it. I ensured that all my friends got to know that we had a tape recorder at home
  • I grew up with lots of my cousins around me. So there was always that healthy competitive spirit. I used to go to each of their houses flaunting my report card in front of everybody. Now when I think about it, I feel so sillyJ. And my personal opinion is that these days there is do-die competitive spirit amongst kids. I am sure that a typical 10 year old child’s life is more hectic than an IT professional these days
  • My grand parents– Though they are no more, the memories of my time spent with them is still afresh. My grand father was renowned for his English in my neck of woods in those days. I remember many approaching for his help then in English and he was always helpful. He was an avid news reader/ listener. Every evening he used to fix his ears (literally) onto the radio for news. When anybody went close to him, he used to scold them away (I have been that victim many times)
  • Those days anybody and everybody could walk into our compound and vice-versa. Ours was a very big house. We had all types of trees including coconut, papaya, mango, cotton, pomegranate etc etc. Flowers were grown in abundance. So many of them used to come and pick flowers and we used to help them as well. But these days, it is difficult even to look at anybody’s house. There is that general warmth missing in people and I don’t blame anybody here. Just to think of empathy, my ajji used to fill “marge” (stone vessel) with water and grains for the benefits of birds

It’s been a long post and I know I have more to write. I shall do it sometime later. Comments are most welcome!

Weekend Watch


Last weekend watched kannada movie “Apoorva Sangama”, starring my all time favorite actor Raj Kumar. Co- starred by Shankar Nag, Ambika, Pandari Bai, Balkrishna and others.


This may not be the best of Raj Kumar’s movie. But do watch it for some amazing humor between Raj and Balkrishna. As always, raj’s acting rocks. The music is good too.


Is it justified??


I have this habit of reading newspapers online, just to get myself well informed about the current affairs in India. This morning was no different. As I was reading through, my attention was caught by news under the headlines section.


Shah Rukh Khan conferred with (some) Malaysian duke title

Malaysians said that he is theirs!! And I was like, oh yeah, he is all yours, please take him, pleasure is oursJ. My apologies if this hurt SRK fans.


I started thinking real hard, does it really matter if they really take him to Malaysia? I somehow was strongly convinced that it would not matter at all. But then on a second thought, I felt that he may have achieved something good for himself although that alone cannot qualify him to be an national asset in my list.


With so much of tension, turmoil, agitation, violence going on within the country, is this some news which is worth grabbing the headlines?? Just a food for thought. Or may be I sound too cynical, I do not know.


Any comments are appreciated.